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The client

Aidilab is a start-up based in Siena (Italy).


They wanted to develop a simple object that everyone could use and that could suite perfectly any kind of location. They wanted it to be everywhere without people noticing its physical presence. They wanted something that could deliver web content in any moment, anywhere. Something tailored for its user.
Together with Seco we developed a device that allowed users to store, enjoy and post on internet many kinds of content. It looked like a normal light bulb, but it had a (Texas Instrument) pico-projector inside, 2 speakers, a wi-fi adapter and an Arduino board.

My Contribution

I did benchmarking and user research using interviews and questionnaires. I analyzed all the data and I generated personas, concept and scenarios. I sketched and prototyped mock-ups of the interface and tested them. Contact me for more details.


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