The client

Cospatial is a suite of games aiming to support Cognitive Behavioral Therapies for autistic children. The team was composed by 3 international groups: Southampton University, Bar-Ilan and Haifa University, FBK based in Trento. For the evaluating study, my team was composed by me and another designer.


My goal was to evaluate the effectiveness of the games when used in a center for autism as a regular activity.

My Contribution

I planned a study over a month period. This included an explorative phase, where I informed myself about my users and their abilities, their context and their daily activities in the center, interviewing therapists and experts. Cospatial was used regularly for 2 weeks. I recorded the activity and interviewed therapists and kids at the end of each session. The therapists kept also a "semistructured" journal to write their experiences. At the end of the experimentation I structured a focus group with all the therapists. I delivered a report with take-aways and opportunities for future iterations. Contact me for more details.

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