Contributing to the mission

Scope ambition was to use their digital platform to revolutionise their services and processes so to better serve disabled people. The new website was meant to play a key role in Scope's digital transformation by providing care giver and disabled people with the right information at the right time.
Assessing the content sources and workflows was critical to guarantee a successful publishing process.

My role for this project was to ensure the Kickstarting and Understanding phases so the team could develop the best solutions for the mission.

My Role
UX Lead
The Team
Aqueduct Designers, Developers, PM, and Client Service; PO
The Client

The process


The account manager in my team helped us to collect all the information needed around the foundations of the project and the roles involved:

  • Ultimate goal of the project
  • Impact on all the business stakeholders involved, like the Altaterra sales and marketing teams, and the Velux digital sales and marketing teams
  • Key metrics to measure the success of the project from a business perspective
  • PO responsible for the delivery
  • Executive sponsor of the project
  • Appointed Development teams
  • Existing research of the markets and the audiences to target

UX Maturity assessment


Knowing what value the business was after, I aimed to know better what the audiences find desirable.

I started from a very thorough research conducted by BigLight on the target audiences. The research included very helpful insights form informational needs and search patterns to channel usage and behaviour profiles of Scopes' services users.
Thanks to this research I could tailor my research so to fill the gaps specifically related to the website.

Research Activities
9 Semistructured user interviews gave me good insights on what opportunities the team could persuit to make the website the first and main source of Scope's services.
11 Semistructured interviews and 2 focus groups with Scope's stakeholders helped me and the team to define and prioritise business goals, while creating the Experience roadmap for the new website.

Experience roadmap
Scope Wall
Inclusive design
Inclusive design


The new Scope website won the Best Website over 70k BIMA 2019 award!