An ecommerce to delight homeowners across Europe

Altaterra is part of the VFK Group that owns also the Velux Group. As part of their parnership with Velux, Altaterra initiated a digital program to improve the offering on the european online market by promoting high quality products for any type of budget.

The challenge was to address an internetional audience with a vaiaty of purchasing behaviours and expertise in the domain of roof windows.

Not only the audience was spread across UK and Europe, but also the team was distributed across six different countries - and often on the move.

My Role
UX Lead
The Team
Aqueduct Designers, PM and Client Service; Velux Developers and PO
The Client

The process


The account manager in my team helped us to collect all the information needed around the foundations of the project and the roles involved:

  • Ultimate goal of the project
  • Impact on all the business stakeholders involved, like the Altaterra sales and marketing teams, and the Velux digital sales and marketing teams
  • Key metrics to measure the success of the project from a business perspective
  • PO responsible for the delivery
  • Executive sponsor of the project
  • Appointed Development teams
  • Existing research of the markets and the audiences to target


Knowing what value the business was after, I aimed to know better what the audiences found desirable.

Altaterra had a lot of insights on customer behaviours from quantitative researches conducted by customer service and marketing departements in the recent past. I aimed to use everything that could cut research costs and time and make the best out of the client knowledge of the audiences.

My research plan included an analysis of the data coming from the previous quantitative research and 9 semistructured interviews to customer services agents in several countries. This research validated the hypotesis formed with the pre-exisitng insights and helped define our Users' Universe, Personas and User Journeys.

At this point, I knew that the information architecture needed to balance Guidance, Inspiration and Findability differently for each one of the four personas defined from the research. At the same time, I also knew that the were opportunities to Inspire, Reassure, Inform, and Simplify during the journey.

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Users' Journeys
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Anatomy of a Homepage
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Purchasing flow
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With the design opportunities drawn from personas and user journeys, I started to design and test the ecommerce to accomodate both business and users needs. The development teams were involved in the discussion and informed about the principles and were able to contribute to key functionalities included in the experience.
However, this project took a waterfall approach for the team was not ready to develop in code yet.
Annotated wireframe and prototype were passed after review sessions.

Product Portfolio Categorisation

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Product Information

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List Item

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Axure Prototype

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Task oriented user test

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Knowing what value the business was after, I aimed to know better what the audiences find desirable.


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Final Result

The new website was launched in Spring 2018.

“This is some of the most professional and sophisticated UX I have seen”

UX Lead at Velux.

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