I love making complexity simple

As a Design Lead, I help teams deliver products and services that users love and that bring value to the business. With almost 10 years of experience in the digital industry, I understand the technological opportunities of current frameworks and I embrace the challenges that legacy systems might carry.

Empowering clients and delighting users

As a Lead in a project, part of my mission is to bring clients into the design process, and prepare them to be more design-driven so to outperform who is not. I help the team to look after the three essential ingredients that make a successful product:

  • Users needs
  • Business needs
  • Technological opportunities


Design decisions are driven by the insights coming from the owners of these three aspects and the success of the product comes from the quality of the collaboration between them.
To foster innovation it's important to facilitate each team member to contribute equally to design decisions. Design thinking is not (and must not be) for “designers” only.

User Centred Design

A multidisciplinary team is key to the user centred design approach

Four phases to deliver delight and empowerment

How to set the team up for success and deliver value


Exploring the Context


1. Exploring the brief, the initial problem definition, the desired outcome.
2. Defining roles and ownership, and identifing the Client PO.
3. Review budget and resources to deliver in the most efficient way.


Strategic Roadmap


In this phase, I lead the team to collect information about the business, the audiences and the technology so to define the best experience strategy. This produces a roadmap that will lead the sprint objectives.


Delivering Value


At this stage of the project, I help the team choosing the best methodology to develop and test the right solutions for the project, while protecting goals from both business and user prespectives.
The client PO is deeply involved.


Success refinement


Ultimately, the Client owns the project outcome. It is foundamental to provide the client with the necessary outputs and know-how so that they can feel empowered to reiterate on their success, to keep up empowerment and delight.


About me

User Centered Design is my bread and butter and my fascination about the human mind makes my understanding of behavioral patterns even deeper. I like experimenting with new methods and techniques to convey complex information in the most appealing way, while crafting the most engaging experiences.

Working in many different environments and even continents, I have learnt to adapt without losing sight of my true north. This experience makes me a very effective User Experience Strategist who knows how to gather business requirements, understand users’ desires and use the available technology at its best, to create and deliver the highest value possible.

As for me, I do love traveling and reading - which is yet another form of traveling without moving. Coming from Tuscany, I love to think that I know a thing or two about wine and make fun of French wines - while secretly loving them.


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