Hi! My name is Sara.

I'm a User Experience Designer and
I'm here to deliver delightful experiences.

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I love making complexity simple

Tearing down complexity

I am passionate about designing delightful user experiences. Solving complex problems is my speciality and in doing so I get my inspiration from the use of systems thinking and human-centered design.

Sketching and Prototyping

These two activities allow me to visualize ideas and share them with stakeholders and users. I master Axure, Invision, Omnigraffle, Pen and Paper, and The Whiteboard.

User Testing

I know how to conduct a user test efficiently so to measure the quality of my design before delivering it.

I know that my design will be successful

I use three fundamental ingredients

Kick-Off, Discover and Define, Develop and Deliver, Nourish.
A project always starts with exploring the brief, the initial definition of the problem, and the desired outcome. It continues to redefine objectives and goals, it passes through the design strategy definition and it keeps living after launch.
User Centered Design
I advocate for a User Centered Design approach
To me, there is no way to design something meaningful without knowing who I am designing for.
Different types of users present their own needs and have specific reasons for their behaviours. I map out these characteristics to inform the design.
My Client is part of the Team and owns the design success
In the same time, there is no way to design a successful system without understanding the problem a client needs to solve. Bringing clients into the design process, prepare them to become a design-driven company, that will outperform who is not.

More About Me

I master many tools, but I'm always eager to learn new things

A brief description of me

User centered design is my bread and butter and I’m really fascinated by the human mind. I find quite interesting experimenting new ways to convey messages and information in the most appealing way for the recipients. In doing so, I create new forms of dialogues to make the experience the most engaging for the user.

I worked in many different types of environment in several countries and this taught me how to adapt and stick to my true north at the same time.

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