Hi! My name is Sara.

I'm a User Experience Designer and
I'm here to deliver delightful experiences.

I love making complexity simple

Tearing down complexity

I deeply analyze a complex situation in order to find opportunities where other people see problems.

Sketching and Prototyping

These two activities allow me to visualize ideas and share them with stakeholders and users. I master Axure, Invision and Sketch.

User Testing

I know how to conduct a user test efficiently so to measure the quality of my design before delivering it.

I know that my design will be successful

I use three fundamental ingredients

My Process: Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver
A project always starts with discovering the clients environment and their business. It continues to define objectives and goals, goes to prototyping and test and finally ends to the client.
User Centered Design
I advocate for a User Center Design because it really works
User Research is part of it and I just love it: adopting other perspectives makes my design effective. User-testing a prototype or an idea gives me the measure of success upfront.
I prepare a common ground with clients
A project needs a kickoff meeting and passes through touch points where the designer and the client meet and share info about the project. It’s very important to set a common ground with the client and build upon it.

More About Me

I master many tools, but I'm always eager to learn new things

A brief description of my profile

I'm specialized in designing flows and defining interactions for digital experiences. I tear down complexity to leave space to simplicity, finding opportunities where other people see problems.

I advocate for a user centered design and I deeply know this process techniques.

My Super Power is to read people minds. This makes me able to spot client's requirements and users needs at a glance.

Adobe Creative Suite

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